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Pet Cemetery Burials

Interment in the pet cemetery mirrors that of a human funeral. Pets are hygienically prepared and laid in the chapel of rest in a fully lined burial casket for the family members to come and say their farewell before their pet is interred in a prepared dressed grave in the cemetery, with a graveside service of farewell.

The burial plot is large enough to receive three caskets for those families who have more than one pet. The plot also has a deed of assignment for 25 years.

Pet Home Burials

Some families prefer to have their pets laid to rest at home. We keep several sizes of burial caskets here suitable for home burial. They are oak veneered; satin lined, dressed outside and supplied with an engraved breast plate .They can be ready in a couple of hours and collected or delivered to your home.

We can also resource someone to provide you with a full or part burial service. It is advised that you contact your local authority to confirm that you are allowed to bury pets in your garden. For advice and costs call 013520710500