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Keata's Story

The Keata memorial takes a prominent place in the award winning grounds of the Pet Cemetery in Holywell but the story behind it is even more moving.

Keata was found on the streetsof Chorley in bad state. She was very sick and was suffering from a bad skin condition. Her initial relief from temporary carers was short lived and so without anywhere else to go, she was bought to North Wales by a truly caring couple.

Keata’s condition deteriorated quickly. She lost her fur and a tumour was detected. It was with this knowledge that the local vets advised that she should be put to rest.

Keata may not have had the best life and so this tribute to her ensures that the short amount of time she had with her loving carers is preserved and rememebered.


“Thank you to the whole team at Pet Funeral Services who have not only helped us through this time but helped us honour Keata in a truly fitting way.” Mr & Mrs Lane.