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Julie Walters visits Pet Cemetery Holywell

Julie Walters is definitely classed as one of the UK’s living legends. It’s understandable then, the excitement that took over when she visited the pet Cemetery and Tearooms last year with the Channel 4 TV crew.

We were thrilled to be hand picked to be included in the Channel 4 programme ‘Coastal Railways’. What an honour to be identified as a unique, successful business by such an A lister star!

From the moment Julie Walters arrived at the Pet Cemetery Holywell, the whole team were put at ease. She is exactly as she come across on screen – a funny, warm lady with no aires or graces. She fitted in perfectly with the team here and bonded quickly with John Ward (owner).

“The whole day was a whirlwind adventure but what followed was even more exciting! Having the opportunity to showcase our truly unique business nationally has been a real eye opener. We have been contacted by pet lovers all over the UK with letters of gratitude and kindness,” explains Emma Ward, marketing manager.